Why You Lost Hundreds of Followers Overnight | Instagram Purge 2020 |

What’s up guys in this article I’m gonna explain why you lost a lot of followers on your account now in this article I’m not talking about losing followers every day when your account is slowly on the decrease in the number of followers I’m talking about losing a large chunk of followers overnight in one day on one of your accounts

The reason why this happens is due to the Instagram purge and to show you what this looks like let me show you my account so here’s the screenshot from the analytics

From one of the accounts I have that lost a lot of followers as you can see on the sender the first I got an overall 277 followers which is a pretty good day for me on this account but if we take a look and go to December the 3rd this is the first time in a long time that I’ve had a negative follow account for a day as you can see I lost 125 followers overall and it says here that 444 people unfollowed me now the reason behind this is like I said the Instagram purged 444 people didn’t actually unfollow me Instagram every now and then cleans up the platform removing millions of fake accounts bots accounts inactive accounts and spam accounts.

So this is basically why you lost hundreds of followers overnight now how do you know if Instagram has a purge there’s never really a specific way to tell but if you’re getting followers every single day and all of a sudden on one day you lose some and the next day it goes backup to normal it’s because Instagram had a purge well you can do is basically just Google the date that you lost your followers on and then quickly add Instagram purge to the end of that search and then I’m pretty sure you’ll find other people in forums talking about how they lost so much also some type Instagram purge is such a large amount of accounts at one time that everyone’s talking about it and social media purges happen all the time.

For an example back in July 2018 Barack Obama on Twitter Twitter had a purge and he lost over 2 million followers in one day so these purges are inevitable they’re nothing to worry about it’s basically a good thing that Instagram doing these purges just means that it’s gonna boost your engagement rate because it’s getting rid of all those inactive and goes to follow us so that is why you probably lost hundreds if not thousands of followers overnight the Instagram purged now if this article was helpful to you.

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