Updates from Instagram HQ – How many Hashtags ? Posting time ?

In case you missed it, last week instagram held a major event to takeaway some keys from this event @instagram HQ hosted from @lindsaysilb !!

Since it’s how important it is to filter out information when it comes to social and make sure you’re only paying attention to reputable sources, this was SO cool to see.
Make sure you save this post for reference!!

When it comes to the algorithm:

• The time of day you post doesn’t matter, despite what your insights say (I always recommend that you only post when you actually have time to dedicate to responding to comments etc)
• It’s never going to go back to chronological order
• The way your content gets seen depends on whether or not people are engaging with it, period. Just because your audience may technically be more active’ during certain hours of the day doesn’t mean you’ll have a better chancei of being seen.

The disappearing likes:

They aren’t disappearing completely. You’ll still be able to see them on your own, but other people won’t be able to.

In reference to hashtags:

• The IG team doesn’t recommend using more than 10 hashtags. They say that the sweet spot is between 3-5 per post.
• A block of 30 hashtags – especially when placed in a comment – sends a message that it could be ‘spam’ to the IG team meaning they could start hiding your posts or makinq them harder to see. (ve been saying this for pretty much forever so not surprised)
• Make sure your hashtags are SUPER relevant to your Content
• They recommend putting the hashtags in the caption itself and not the comments

I want to know, what do YOU think about this? Is this going to affect the way you manage your own social or not ?


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