7 Tasks To Do Everyday For GUARANTEED Instagram Growth in 2020

Hey what’s up guys in this article i’ll be talking about what you should be doing every single day with your Instagram account to guarantee growth okay so this is what I do for my Instagram accounts when I’m trying to grow them I put the work in every day and I do all of the following things and

The first one is to post on an account at least 3 times a day now this one is easy if you’re a theme page and it’s really hard if you’re a content creator when you post you want to try and make sure you space these posts out through the day for posting 3 times 1 in the morning mid-afternoon on the evening before you go to bed this is so all of your followers have a chance of seeing your content make sure you use hashtags and do hashtag research for that content post a good decent caption with that piece of content and then also add a location that always seems to help

Post your stories and try and post your stories at least 6 times a day now this with your content creator or a theme page is easy you just got a post six times a day try and space it out try and add hashtags and locations on that story which are related to that story otherwise Instagram could sometimes detect when it’s not related and they’re more likely to favor a hashtag which is related to your content anyway stories are really good because when people visit your profile they can see that you’re an active page and people are a lot more likely to follow you and ride with you if you are an active page it’s also a great way to get more discovery because stories can also now be featured on the explore page

The third thing I then do with my Instagram page is that I try and reply to all of the comments that I’ve got on within the past 24 hours every day I check the comments and every day I try and reply to all of them if I get too many I will try and at least like them but try and basically just engage with the followers people will really appreciate it if you just quickly reply to their comment something that I found works really well is if I try and reply to a comment with a question that will often get a chain of conversation going and that just favors your post really well once you’ve applied to your comments

The e fourth thing I do is I try and reply to my DMS now this is a really important thing is the same as comments but it’s going the extra step because this is like basically a one-on-one communication with one of your followers and again people really appreciate it if I’m dealing a brand or an influencer or some celebrity or whatever an Instagram and they reply to me one-on-one through DMS I’m definitely going to remember that some people have and I can remember them to this day when you’re a big page it is hard to reply to all through DMS because sometimes I’ve got over 99 plus West and some of my pages and I literally just can’t reply to all of them so I do try and reply to a lot but if you’re a smaller page and you’re only getting a few DM’s you have no excuse to try reply to all of your games and even maybe reach out to some of your followers in the DMS ask them how it’s going what they’re liking about your page or that stuff get a conversation going

The tip number five is to go live on your Instagram account now I’ve been testing this out recently I never really should to do it much but one of my accounts I’ve been doing it and I’ve been getting decent results on my latest live stream I got a hundred viewers which i think is really good when you think about it live streaming every day is definitely beneficial Instagram favors people that use all the features and favors people that live stream I know some people have had great success with live-streaming due to the fact that sometimes you can get onto a popular page when live-streaming I’m not too sure how all of it works but I know that it’s good for your account also live streaming straight away after you post is also really beneficial because people get the notification and then they
potentially watch a live stream for a bit and then go into the feed and then see your content because if someone watches your live stream and then they go to check their feed the Instagram algorithm is definitely going to recommend your latest post also within your live stream you can mention that you have just posted and asked people to check it out

The tip number six is then to comment on a few posts within your niche go into other hashtags and leave comments on bigvpages so you want to try and get top comment on those pages if you’re paging you’ve already got a decent following such as like 20,000 followers Instagram often puts pages that have large amounts of follow us at the top of the comments section so post on content that has a few thousand likes and then post on content that only has like two or three because small creators are really going to appreciate the fact that you’re taking the time to leave a valuable comment on their post and they’ll probably check you out

The tip number seven is a GTV again this is something I’ve been playing around with on the account where I’ve also beenplaying around with the live video and it works pretty well to be honest I never really jumped on the IG TV bandwagon except when it was first released back in June 2018 but recently I’ve been trying it a bit and I have been getting good results people seem to like the long-form content but again you’ve got to make sure it is good and
valuable content that people do want to watch but posting on IG TV as well is definitely something I highly recommend
now if you do all of these things every single day I can guarantee you that you will grow on Instagram yes it’s not easy to be able to achieve all of these things every single day and you do have to put a lot of work into your Instagram account but that is slowly becoming the only way
to be able to grow on Instagram besides money so if you have any more tips to add to this article let me know in the
comment section down below also let me know in the comment section which one of these tips you do do which you don’t do which are too time-consuming for you.


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