2020 Technology.That will be change the upcoming years.

There’s no denying that technology today has seeped into every aspect of life not only is it rapidly changing the world but also advancing towards making it.A better place to live in from developing a virtual assistant that helps you in practically anything the space exploration technology has come a long way in recent decades constant development and technology has
paved way to expand our outlook leading.To some groundbreaking innovations so let’s go ahead and look at the top technologies of 2020 the promise to build a better future.

We have WIRELESS POWER TRANSFER.Wireless power transfer is the transmission of electrical energy without using conducting wires as a medium. It uses
electromagnetic induction over the years this technology of wireless power transmission has eliminated the use of cables and batteries. Thus increasing the mobility convenience and safety of an electronic device for all users wireless.Power transfer is useful to power electrical devices where interconnecting.Wires are inconvenient hazardous or are not possible Samsung.why charge energies corporation Toshiba Panasonic and Philips have become the leading players.
In the global wireless power Transmission market in the future wireless power transmission is expected to reach sixteen point three billion dollars by 2025 from 3.1 billion dollars in 2017 with the twenty three point one zero percent CAG are now talking about the job trends Apple Dish Network Google Cisco Verizon Wireless extreme networks are some of the companies that hire for
wireless power transfer computer science.Electrical Engineering thermals and physics principles Power Systems proficiency MATLAB Python and experience. In wireless systems are necessary to get
into this field at number 9 we have augmented and virtual reality augmented reality is an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology.To add digital information to an image or something virtual reality is defined as the use of computer technology to create environment Facebook has launched new interactive augmented reality adds to.Its newsfeed that lets you play games or see how the makeup looks on your skin.Apple has been rumored for a long time to be working on an ear headset a newly published Apple patent may give us a
better look at what the headset could look like video games using virtual reality can be considered as doing some physical exercise in the future augmented reality can be used for
transitioning from PC based to standalone mobile VR devices mapping of

We have artificial intelligence artificial intelligence is an area of computer science and emphasizes on the creation of intelligent machines that work and act like humans it’s now being used in almost every business sector to reduce human intervention it is also a major role to play in cybersecurity and digital marketing 69% of IT executives say that they cannot respond to cyber security threats without artificial intelligence air improves the accuracy of detecting breaches increases the efficiency of cyber security analysts reduces the time they spend analyzing fake positives and improves productivity in digital marketing air is being used to predict the behavior of a customer delivering a personalized experience to the user and unlocking new opportunities for marketers it is expected that in the future air and robotics will come to gether and a will help create fully functional robots air driven virtual assistants will anticipate your needs and fulfill them without the need to give them any instructions many in the tech industry and displayed AI drivenapplications allowing machines to recognize your face to complete transactions research is already underway to develop new software applications that use AI
to help doctors diagnose and treatpatients Google Microsoft IBM Dell Amazon Baidu and Boeing are some of the important companies hiring or AI may the skills required to become an engineer
our Python our machine learning deep learning tensorflow data science SQL and bi tools.


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